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Bicycling to a healthier, happier workplace.

Creating a VIBRANT Business culture through workplace
programs, training, and events


This is what we do…

We provide a structured approach to bring joy and fun into the workplace by creating a bicycle friendly culture. Our, professionally delivered, team building programs and training events lead to healthier, more energized and engaged employees. Your business benefits through lower health care costs, a better ability to attract and retain employees, and the ability to gain new customers.

  • Creating an energized environment that keeps your current employees longer, and attracts customers and new employees.

  • Providing a structured program to drive a culture shift towards a healthier, more productive environment.

  • Fully packaged, professionally delivered, low cost training and events.

  • Helping you to make your workplace more bicycle friendly resulting in happier employees with lower health care costs.

  • Bringing more fun and joy into the lives of your employees through bicycling.

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Interior or Exterior Bicycle Parking Solutions


A structured process assures success.

for a personal 1 hour consultation.


…and how we do it


Start with a gap analysis to understand your specific starting point. We’ll conduct an assessment, and identify quick wins and long term opportunities.

Action Plans and Gaps

We’ll provide you with a concise action plan outlining exactly the next steps for your business to get the results you’d like. We’ll highlight gaps, and help with the steps needed to close them.

Training and Events

Here’s where it gets fun! Beyond infrastructure, we’ll help you put on events to engage your employees and create a more energetic culture.

Long Term Planning

Beyond action planning, we’ll work with you to create a long term plan. This will include an events calendar, and implementation schedule for longer term improvements.

Recognition on Progress

You’ve made the progress, now it’s time to get recognized for it. We can help you apply for national recognition for your business, and individual recognition for employees.



National Bike Month

May is National Bike Month. Encourage involvement and grow cycling interest in your company.

Bike To Work Days

Fun celebration days to reward and encourage participation.

Office Group Rides

Bring your team together for mapped, casual, and fun office bike rides. Healthy team building in action!

Organized Rides

Corporate team participation in local organized rides. Great team building.


Learn To Ride

One-on-1 instructions to learn or become re-familiar with riding a bicycle. Learn more here

Basic Repair

Learn how to check your bicycle to prevent problem, and learn basic repairs.

Bike Commuter

How to do your first bicycle commute to work!

Poor Weather Riding

If it’s not always warm and sunny in your area, you can still ride a bike. Many people do. Learn how!

Visit our Training and Events Calendar to find fun and educational activities in your area

The calendar below includes public and private events.

Contact Geared To Work to learn more about participating in one of our events or scheduling an event.

Training and
Events Calendar

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We’re excited to talk about bicycling and how it can make you’re world better. Use the form below to send us a note. We offer a free 1 hour consultation so you can learn more with no commitment. .

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Founded in Crystal Lake, Illinois we have resources throughout the United States.



We believe in the benefits of riding a bicycle. It’s a simple activity, that we can all do, which creates health, positive energy, and joy. We also believe in bringing these benefits to the workplace, to businesses, and to the community.

If you share this vision, there are some very simple ways you can help;

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