Learn to Ride A Bicycle

Safe, Patient, Professional Coaching

You can experience the fun and health benefits of riding a bicycle. You just need a personal coach who can break it down, and safely teach you how.

With our proven method, you stay in charge and control. You can put your feet safely on the ground, and don’t move until you are ready. There’s no pushing and nothing happens faster than you are ready for. You stay safely in control, we just provide guidance.

Learn at Any Age

You’re never too old to learn. Sometimes people just never get around to it. But you can take the time now, and experience the fun for years to come.

You’ll learn balancing, starting, steering, pedaling, and stopping safely. After you get going, we’ll practice turns, figure 8’s, and shifting so you can ride confidently.


He can do it, and so can you!

Safe, patient coaching.
Learning to ride a bike will change your life!

Send a note below, and we’ll discuss your next steps to learning to ride.


She can do it, and so can you!

Learn at any age
You’re never too old to have fun!

How You’ll Learn

  1. Starting in a playground or other big open space you’ll be away from traffic and obstacles.

  2. You’ll learn to work the brakes, so you’ll always be able to stop whenever you want. You stay in control.

  3. You’ll practice gliding without pedals to learn balance and get the feel at you own pace.

  4. Finally, when you’re ready and comfortable we’ll put the pedals back on and practice a smooth starting motion.

Who can learn? Anyone! Give us a try!

Ride with your kids, or your spouse. Or maybe arrange for a gift that will last a life time. Let us know if you have any special concerns and we’ll make a plan together.

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